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Things to do in Udaipur - Udaipur Tourism

 Things To Do In Udaipur

Things To Do In Udaipur

When we plan for tour,  first things that come to minds ! what are places that we can visit and what things can do in Udaipur during tour. Next in half hour, you will get complete Idea about Udaipur Tourism.  Let’s explore the top 10 destinations of Udaipur and top 10 things to do in Udaipur.

Lakes and Boats:  Udaipur is famous as the City of Lakes in Rajasthan and Know as a Most romantic place.  Udaipur is best for destination wedding and events. in Evening lakeside is become more colorful. Not the only tourist also local people comes visit this places.  Pichhola and Fateh Sagar top places to visit in Udaipur.

Gulab Bagh: Gulab Bagh is the perfect and best place for nature lovers. If you love chirrup, greenery and bird watching this places is amazing. Gulab bal situated at the center of the Udaipur city. People called Gulab Bagh is the lifeline of Udaipur. Activity does in Gulab Bagh is the Gulab Bagh Zoological Garden and the Mini Train. Best idea to enjoy the Mini Train Ride which would cover the entire green path of Gulab Bagh. The train ride would make your Gulab Bagh visit memorable with your family.

Dudh Talai: Dudh Talai is close to Udaipur city which would offer of enjoying the lakeside view. This place is situated near the tourist attraction in Udaipur like Pichhola and Fateh Sagar Lake. Doodh Talai is surrounded by hills which host green Park, and  Rock Garden or Musical Fountain Garden

Sajjan Garh: The Sajjan Garh is a hilltop royal place in the Udaipur,  aerial view of the Pichola Lake. Sajjan Garh was named after Maharana Sajjan of the Mewar,  built in 1884. For nature, wildlife lovers, photographer it is the perfect place. The Sajjan Garh offers an aerial view of the city’s surrounding and its lakes. Sajjan Garh has best sunset point in Udaipur. Sajjan Garh is also known as Monsoon Palace because it is used to view the monsoon clouds.

 Udaipur City Palace: Udaipur City Palace was built by Maharana Udai Singh Ji, situated in city center. Bank of Pichhola Lake makes this palace lake view palace. Nearby tourist attractions are Jagdish temple, jag mandir, lake Pichola.  Some part of the City Palace has been converted into the museum, in rest of party royal family resident. The museum has a wide collection of weapons, gears, royal gifts, royal clothes furniture etc.

Cycle Tour: Cycle tour around the city make a memorable journey.  The cycle tour is the best activity to do in udaipur.

Horseback safari: Villages stay and horseback safari wonderful experience of udaipur tour. Unique tour activity to do in udaipur.

Helicopter ride:  Get Eagle eye view of udaipur. Helicopter ride services also available. book helicopter ride in Udaipur.

Wildlife safari in Udaipur: Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary visit, safari and wildlife photgraphy tour.
Shopping in Udaipur: Shopping in Udaipur local market one of the best experience.

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