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Rajasthan Bicycle Tours and Cycling Holidays


Rajasthan Bicycle Tours and Cycling Holidays

Go along with us for a cycling occasion in Rajasthan that you will abandon you entranced! Wander through the sandy extends of Thar Desert, the ideal pale background to the sprinkle of hues that is Rajasthan!
A wondrous blend of materials, gems, nearby art make an energizing mélange of social texture for you to find in the thin markets of enchanting weathered towns of Rajasthan.
By the Rajasthan Cycling holiday Packages you can visit all major historical locations of Rajasthan with expert guide and you can explore Rajasthan on bicycles.
Investigate old strongholds, old sanctuaries and excellent castles that have withheld the trial of time as you bicycle along the durable Aravalli mountain extend.

Best Atmosphere for Cycling adventures trips in Rajasthan

August, September denotes the storm season in Rajasthan and the wide open feels invigorated. The temperature (comparable for March) could be near 25-30 degree Celsius in evenings, yet the days are bright and muggy with temperatures around 30-40 degree Celsius.
On the off chance that it is sticky and hot, we prescribe to begin biking at a young hour early in the day around 6 AM, convey stuffed breakfast and end riding by early afternoon to maintain a strategic distance from heatstroke.
Despite the fact that it might be somewhat hot, it is as yet a decent time for biking as wide open is incredibly green with numerous water bodies.
For the most part it downpours for a brief period and after that settles down which makes the condition significantly cooler and ideal for biking.
November, December, January and February denotes the winter season in Rajasthan. The rainstorm season has finished.
The temperature could be near 2-5 degree Celsius in evenings in Dec-Jan, however the days are radiant with temperatures around 15-20 degree Celsius. Evenings can get crisp in the good countries.
It is prescribed to convey warm garments and breathable windproof coat. These are the greatest months for cycling in Rajasthan.
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Amer (Amber) Fort Jaipur, Rajasthan - Timing, Architechture. Things To Do


In the 16th century, a trusted general of Akbar, Maan Singh, built a fort. Later, Maan began to rule around the fort called the Amer state. The fort is now called Amer Fort and the city is called Jaipur. Amer Fort or Amber Fort is located fairly far from the major cities of Jaipur. This is an important tourist destination in this city.

Timing Of Amer (Amber) Fort

The fort is at 11 km from the city of Jaipur. The fort is open for visitors from 9 am to 05:00 pm.
The elephant ride will be available from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. until 1:00 pm Japanese. The No light show starts at 8 pm and the show's English light at 7:30 pm of the night.

Architecture of Amber Fort

Amer fort is built with red sandstone and white sandstone. The fort remains a good example of ancient Indian architecture. It is known for its Rajput and Hindu style blend of architecture and a blend of Hindu and Muslim style decorations. Sculpture in the ceiling and wall of the magnificent nature of this fort. There are many paintings of ancient hunting styles, images of the important Rajput leaders and others. There are a number of doors to the walls and each has a unique structure and architectural elements to enjoy. You can find many buildings within the fort, including Diwan-e-Aam, Sukhmanand, Sheesh Mahal and others.


Place To Visit In Amer (Amber) Fort

Diwane-e-Aam: - Diwan-e-Aam or public hearing salon is a large room that rises from the support of two rows of columns. Each column is adorned. This room is open on three sides. The king used to sit in the hallway and hear the questions of ordinary people. This room is famous for its mosaic-glass work. Kings are also used to talk to important ministers and guests in this room.

Sukh Mandir: - SukhNiwaas or SukhMandir is a wooden room of sandalwood and ivory. It is located right in front of the public hearing room. There is a small channel that crosses them that carry cold water. It's an old way to keep cool places. Although the term "Mandir" is used in the name, it is not a temple. It is a hall where kings and queens rest. The name can be translated as a resident of pleasure.

Sheesh Mahal: - Sheesh Mahal or palace of glass is the best part of this fort. The palace is displayed in many local films. The walls and ceilings of this palace are carved in beautiful flowers and other paintings made of glass. Queen of the fortress used to love sleeping under the stars. It is said that ancient customs of the land did not allow the woman to sleep outside. King appealed to the best architects in the region to solve the problem. Therefore, the palace was built. It is said that if two candles were lit at the palace, they would look like thousands of stars shining in the ceiling.

Kesar Kyaari: - Mughal gardens have a beauty that can not be counted by simple gardens seen throughout the country. This section is located on Lake Maota. The garden is located in front of the fort. The Garden is formed as a star. It is said that saffron flowers are planted in the garden. Now, the climatic conditions do not allow the orange plant to flourish in Jaipur. You can find beautiful flower plants in the garden today.

Light Show: - The display of lights occurs every night. The presentation focuses on the history of Jaipur and the defense. It shows the ancient anecdote of the place, high officials and so on. The show takes 50 minutes and runs in Hindi and English.

Things to do with Amer Fort: -

  1. Elephant ride around the fort is a very important activity. The elephant ride ends by afternoon. So, plan ahead.
  2. You can also opt for four-wheel drive tour to and fro which includes one hour waiting time. It costs around 300 rupees.
  3. Light show at night
  4. Watching the illuminated fort from the bottom of the hill in the evening
  5. Visit to the museum and garden inside the fort
  6. Panoramic view from Char garden. You can view the whole city from here.
  7. Classical dance program that happens in the evening in Sukh Mahal. Tickets will be available in the ticket counter.
  8. Enjoying a meal at Surabhi restaurant inside the fort which serves various cuisines
  9. Enjoying puppet shows and traditional songs. These are available during dinner time.
  10. Turban museum is free to enter in the fort. You can find a large collection of turbans here.
  11. Apart from Siladevi temple, you can find a lot of temples in the palace along with old havelies.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur - Price, Review, Accomodation, History


Khandela Haveli with its wonderful beauty, printed wooden walkways and a lush green courtyard are one of the most beautiful historic hotels in India. Richly engraved widow, exceptional glass, ancient frescoes on the walls and the traditional "Jharokhas" that are present in almost every part of the hotel protect the traditional architecture of Rajasthan with the sophisticated lifestyle of the modern hotel. So much to offer, staying at this hotel is simply unforgettable. It is also one of the top Heritage Hotels In Jaipur.

History Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

About 2000 years ago Khandela existed as an ancient city. This city was dominated by numerous ancient dynasties belonging to the Rajput clan over the years. Khandela was founded by the capital's path trainer, who belonged to Shekhawat in the clan of Rajput, which ruled 1538 ad 1615 ad. Their descendants continued to rule over Khandela to India became an independent British. During his reign, the descendants of the racecarcher in the urbanized region of Shekhawat, made it popular among international tourists. The main features were brilliant holes, fortresses and castles that existed in the house of an elite class, known for its huge architecture. At Khandela Haveli in this area, tourists will be offered the same majestic experience that the elite have ever lived in here for glorious days.

Accommodation Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

With 22 rooms in the hotel, guests can enjoy their stay at Khandela Haveli. All rooms are designed according to the traditional Rajputana and resemble the ancient royal day of Jaipur. With the utmost care and attention to the details, all the rooms are built completely different from each other. The interior of the room is very subtle and elegant and traditional Indian craftsmanship. All rooms are flooded with the best amenities and services. Room types are luxurious, Havel's suites and suites.

Dining Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

In this historic hotel, dining is both majestic and all the other features of this hotel. Tourists can dine at the restaurant on the roof terrace. Guests can enjoy some of India's most exotic and international dishes. Guests can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages at the hotel's bar. During dinner, dinner shows and folk dance shows are also organized.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Celebration of Rajasthan Diwas 2018 - Dates, Timing, Schedule, Venue


Celebration Of Rajasthan Diwas 2018

Rajasthan is the land of royalties, heritage, culture, color, glory and all the beautiful things. The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, will host more spectacular than the big celebration of Rajasthanu Diwas 2018. The celebration will take up to 3 days of 28. By 30 March 2018 March 2018 and boys we have all the details.

The government in Rajasthan maintains the best step forward and there is a planned event to be a witness. The action will be the true essence of Rajasthan. Courage, poetry, culture, colorful celebrations and a beautiful heritage for three days. Various glories and an acclaimed artist will entertain guests for three days with superb performance.


Schedule Of Rajasthan Diwas 2018

Day 1 - 28. March 2018: - The event opening ceremony will be held on March 28 with traditional daylight lights Rajasthan with the traditional Nagaras and police tattoo exhibition at JDA Polo Ground at 5:30 pm Also in Janpathu will be held on 28th. The theater board with folk artists representing the region since 5 March. to 21. Hours.

"MirzaSahiban" Drama will be held in Manchu at 8:30 pm

Day 2 - 29. March 2018: - You can take part in a cycling marathon organized by Sports Hall from Albert Hall to the circle at 6:30 am. A group of armies will present their symphonic group, trick riding skills, Special Special Force operations, Tornado Show and Motivational Songs of CCM cadets.

The main attraction of Day 2 will be the live performance of a very lovely and exquisite talented Indian singer Shankar-Ehsaan-liao trio. The concert will take place in the beautiful Albert Hall in the city from 19.00.

Under the celebration of the Rajasthan Festival, the 8th Theatrical Olympiad will be "Bhagwajjukeeyam" after 06.30 at Ravindry Mancha.

Day 3 - 30 March 2018: - Celebratory festive endings will witness celebrations that connect seamless technology to glamorous exploits to pay tribute to Rajasthan's glorious past, which has laid a solid foundation for the presence that has succeeded. This will be presented thanks to the PONOŘUJÍCÍMU theatrical performance along with the most modern project of projection of the maps on the stunning facade of Vidhan Sabha at 18:30 and the magnificent design inspired by the amber Mantar.

All the days will be traditional and cultural performances that will include most Qawwalis, Arti, Gurbani in different temples, Dargahs and Gurudwaras in the city. Events are organized together with the Sanskritskou Academy and the Temple Trust.

The Children's Film Festival is also held at the centrally located Crystal Palace multiplex from 29. to 30. March from 9 am to 5 pm in which Bhago Bhut films will be played, Choo Challenge, Gili Gili and Cala Parvat 29. March and Neal Parvat Al , Pinti ka Saba, Ogi and Karamati Kot will play 30 .. The kids' entrance is free of charge in the multiplex.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hotel Narain Niwas Palace Jaipur - Experiance The Heritage Of Rajasthan


Narayan Niwas Palace offers you an international standard of services and luxurious accommodation worth mentioning. The palace reflects the splendor and splendor of Rajput time.

History Of Narain Niwas Palace

Narayan Niwas Palace is 19th century family estate that has been converted into a heritage hotel. The hotel is elegantly decorated with furniture in every corner and corner. It is one of the best places where you can sit in Jaisalmer, if you have a luxurious inclination of the mind and want to enjoy the money. Narayan Niwas Palace offers you an international standard of services and luxurious accommodation worth mentioning. The palace reflects the splendor and splendor of Rajput time.



43 rooms are renovated with furniture, chandeliers, murals and motifs with a royal ring. The rooms overlook the capital city center of Jaisalmer. All modern equipment that is needed in life is here. All rooms are decorated with a separate motif. Modern ornaments and ethnic ornaments are perfect and seem by no means provocative or coerced.


Choose your favorite cuisine in the Chinese, Indian or Continental environment of Gokhra, which is in the restaurant Narain Niwas Palace. Nibble authentic Rajasthani cuisine in the restaurant. After dinner, the folk music is on the hotel grounds. Folk musicians play scores while having a hearty dinner. The entire decor of the restaurant speaks of class and elegance. Spend a pleasant evening with friends in the Palladio Bar.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Hotel Mandawa Haveli Jaipur, Rajasthan - Experiance The Heritage Of Rajasthan


Nestled in the heart of Jaipur, Mandawa Haveli is an ideal location for exploring Jaipur. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to everything that this vibrant city has to offer. Well-known for providing modern luxury comfort and warm hospitality in Rajasthan, the Hotel Mandawa Haveli is also easily accessible, making it one of the most sought-after sights in the city.

History Of Hotel Mandawa Haveli Jaipur

Built in 1896 Thakur Bhagwat Singhji, 15. The Mandawa ruler is the beautiful Mandawa Haveli of Jaipur. Haveli was transformed into a hotel under the direction of Thakura Devi Singhji.


Accommodation Of Hotel Mandawa Haveli Jaipur

Accommodation facilities in Mandawa Haveli is amazing. The Hotel offers its guests 70 well-furnished and tastefully furnished rooms. Rooms at Mandawa Haveli are spacious and categorized as standard rooms and suites. In addition to all rooms in Mandawa are well equipped with modern luxury comfort, so the guest stay is unforgettable.

Dining Of Hotel Mandawa Haveli

Offers a wide range of delicacies to choose from, Mandawa Haveli really promises its guests with a distinctive culinary experience. Whether it's Indian, continental or local Rajasthánská cuisine, you'll get everything in Mandawa Haveli to hýčkali your hungry taste buds. In addition, the hotel also organises specialty parties and a rooftop dinner.

Hotel Royal Heritage Haveli Jaipur, Rajasthan - Experiance The Heritage Of Rajasthan


Royal Heritage Haveli is a beautiful property in Jaipur. The hotel spreads over an area of ​​100,000 square feet and has a distinctive charm that enhances the quiet courtyards, intricate gardens and luxurious interiors. To make the best of your holidays in Jaipur, Royal Heritage Haveli is one of the best accommodation options for travelers looking for the perfect combination of luxury and Indian hospitality.

History Of Hotel Royal Heritage Haveli

Built by Madho Singhji of Jaipur in the eighteenth century, Royal Heritage Haveli is one of the best Patrimonial features of Jaipur. After 150 years, accommodation in the boutique hotel is now being used. Real estate is interested in the charm of the old world, and therefore wins the hearts of guests who want to live life as a king.


Accommodation Of Hotel Royal Heritage Haveli

The hotel is commendable for its excellent accommodation services. There are 11 beautifully decorated rooms with frescoes on the walls and elegant arched entrances. Rooms, from color to tasteful furniture, are tastefully designed and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Each apartment has a luxurious and large living room for lounging and relaxing.

Dining Of Hotel Royal Heritage Haveli Jaipur

This bed linen, exceptional service and fine dining together make up a delightful royal dinner experience. Because tasty food attracts taste buds, guests also enjoy the sounds of nature, as the arrangement takes place in the inner courtyard under the light blue sky. In addition, for guests who want to dine in private, there is also a formal dining room with limited seating. Therefore, to the dining area to be a complete package, besides serving delicious food, the walls and ceilings are decorated with beautiful frescos.