Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur - Price, Review, Accomodation, History


Khandela Haveli with its wonderful beauty, printed wooden walkways and a lush green courtyard are one of the most beautiful historic hotels in India. Richly engraved widow, exceptional glass, ancient frescoes on the walls and the traditional "Jharokhas" that are present in almost every part of the hotel protect the traditional architecture of Rajasthan with the sophisticated lifestyle of the modern hotel. So much to offer, staying at this hotel is simply unforgettable. It is also one of the top Heritage Hotels In Jaipur.

History Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

About 2000 years ago Khandela existed as an ancient city. This city was dominated by numerous ancient dynasties belonging to the Rajput clan over the years. Khandela was founded by the capital's path trainer, who belonged to Shekhawat in the clan of Rajput, which ruled 1538 ad 1615 ad. Their descendants continued to rule over Khandela to India became an independent British. During his reign, the descendants of the racecarcher in the urbanized region of Shekhawat, made it popular among international tourists. The main features were brilliant holes, fortresses and castles that existed in the house of an elite class, known for its huge architecture. At Khandela Haveli in this area, tourists will be offered the same majestic experience that the elite have ever lived in here for glorious days.

Accommodation Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

With 22 rooms in the hotel, guests can enjoy their stay at Khandela Haveli. All rooms are designed according to the traditional Rajputana and resemble the ancient royal day of Jaipur. With the utmost care and attention to the details, all the rooms are built completely different from each other. The interior of the room is very subtle and elegant and traditional Indian craftsmanship. All rooms are flooded with the best amenities and services. Room types are luxurious, Havel's suites and suites.

Dining Of Hotel Khandela Haveli Jaipur

In this historic hotel, dining is both majestic and all the other features of this hotel. Tourists can dine at the restaurant on the roof terrace. Guests can enjoy some of India's most exotic and international dishes. Guests can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages at the hotel's bar. During dinner, dinner shows and folk dance shows are also organized.

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