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Hotel Alsisar Haveli Jaipur - History, Accomodation, Dining


Hotel Alsisar Haveli Jaipur - History, Accomodation, Dining

Hotel Alsisar Haveli is one of the best Heritage Hotels in Jaipur, the Hotel Haveli is an impressive property with the Aravallis in the background. It is a wonderful combination of real interiors and exteriors, and modern amenities that provide a pleasant stay for guests. The rooms and suites are luxurious, the food is luxurious and the ambiance is simply beautiful. Founded in the year 1892, this Haveli still looks majestic and spectacular.

History Of Hotel Alsisar Haveli

The Alsisar Haveli was built in the year 1892 in Jaipur in Rajasthan. The ancestral property of the Klaasen Rajputs of the Shekhawati region, the Alarmholear Haveli is one of the beautiful heritage complexes located in the rugged areas of Aravallis. Although it became a legacy complex, the property rights of alarms Haveli remained with the Klaasen family of Rajputs.


Accomodation Of Hotel Alsisar Haveli

There are 45 well-appointed rooms in this majestic mansion in Jaipur. The well-equipped rooms of the most alarmed Haveli have retained their glory and grandeur, even in the midst of the whims of time. Each room reflects the perfect combination of elegance, luxury and comfort. Antique furniture, light chandeliers and traditional d├ęcor bring guests to the royal age of kings and queens.

Dining In Hotel Alsisar Haveli

Indulge your taste buds with Multicuisinas delicacies in the restaurant of the most alarmed Haveli, Jaipur. There is a spacious dining room with an elegant decor where guests can enjoy their real meals.

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