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Bhilwara Sightseeing - Places To Visit In Bhilwara

places to visit in bhilwara

Bhilwara Tourism

Bhilwara is a district of the city headquartered in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Located 250 km from the state capital of Jaipur, 170 km from the city of Udaypur and 500 km from the capital, new Delhi. Bhilwara is well connected through highways and railways to all major cities of Rajasthan. The nearest airport of Bhilwara is Dabok Airport, located 165 km away, in the city of Udaypur. Behilara is believed to be one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan. The legendary Hindu scriptures, such as Mahabharata, indicate that Arona (the most fearsome warrior) fought in this region. According to modern history, Bhilwara was founded about 900 years ago. The story of getting the name Bhilwara has 2 variables one. One suggests that there is a money house in this city that has saved the coins that were known as  "Bhiladi ", for this region  "Bhiladi " has a name and fame. There is another alternative that suggests that the tribal population of the Bheel tribe in this area was mostly, and the tribe of Bheel Maharana Pratap (more personal) has helped respectfully in the Rajasthani warriors) in their war against the Great Emperor Mughal, and so to honor To the tribe of Bheel in the region, its name was Bhilwara, which is literally the area of the Bheel tribe.

In modern times, Bilara has become famous for the textile industry. The largest number of spinning plants in the Indian state of Rajasthan is owned by Hellwara. The manufacture of large-scale garments in Bhilwara has a great reputation and big industrial names in its balance.

Places To Visit In Bhilwara

Meja Dam: The Meja Dam is located 20 kilometers from the center of Bhilwara; The Meja Dam is the largest water organ in the Bhilwara district. Meja Dam is a very famous picnic site in Bhilwara; It is very busy at weekends. Serene beauty around the dam and organized parks such as the Parque Montes Verdes is the reservoir of USP Meja.

Fort of Mandalgarh: the fort of Mandalgarh was built by the rulers Rajput de Mewar; Mandalgarh is of great historic importance, as witnessed by many fierce battles between Rajputs and Mogol. After the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan granted Mandalgarh as Jagir by Raja Roop Singh of Kishangarh, Raja Roop Singh built the fort here that was then captured by Rana Raj Singh in 1660. The control of the Mandalgarh fortress was taken by Emperor Mughal Aurangzeb but in 1706 he was captured by Rana Amar Singh. The strength of Mandalgarh is a historic land that has witnessed the sweat and blood of the powerful Rajputs. Any lover of history finds the true consolation in this land of courage.

Pure Summer Chhatri: Chhatri Pure Summer is a very famous picnic site of Bhilwara; There is a cenotaph type structure built in one piece of stone. From Pur Udan Chhatri, the panoramic view of Bhilwara has made pure Udan Chhatri a very popular place, not only among villagers but also among Bhilwara tourists.

Harni Mahadev: The dedicated Harni temple is a very popular temple of Bhilwara; The Temple of Harni Mahadev is dedicated to Shiva Lord. The temple of Harni Mahadev is under a hill at a distance of 6 km from the center of Bhilwara; A large number of unmetered taxis and public transportation options are available to reach the Harni Mahadev temple from anywhere in the city of Bhilwara. Shivlinga is the main deity in this temple; This Shivlinga is placed under a cascade with all the family of Siva, that is to say his wife, the goddess Parvati, his son Ganesh Lord; Your vehicle is a bull or Nandi is also at your side. Toro is the personification of power, and Siva walks on the back of Nandi, which means control of Lord Shiva over all power in the world and beyond. Harni Mahadev is a very important religious site of Bhilwara, a large number of devotee visiting the temple to pray.

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