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Places To Visit In Goa

Today I posted on the best tourist places in Goa. However, there is a lot of information available online about Goa tourist places and its popular beaches, but here I will try to cover all of the imbatten attractions in this Goa travel blog. And I will try to stumble why you have to visit Goa at least once in life.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Goa


1. Palolem Beach, Goa: - No one can deny Palolem Beach is one of the most visited, most beautiful, the best picturesque, and the most popular beaches to visit in Goa. Located in southern town of Goa, the specialty of this tourist spot is to deliver the Great White Sandy Shore, beautiful palm surrounding, less crowds (because too far from Panaji), clean and clear water, Awesome Beach Night experience, amazing food joints, and the perfect honeymoon place for couples What can you expect from Palolem Beach Goa as a tourist? It has everything to offer what a foreigner as well as the local tourist can expect from Goa.

2. Anjuna Beach, Goa: - Again well known, little different, most of the visits, and the best places in the late evening of Goa. Anjuna Beach is famous for its spectacular natural attraction, beautiful coastline, water sports, seafood, bars, Trance nights, and Wednesday's most famous flea market. Anjuna is the landmark of hippies as well as visitors overseas. It is also easier to find the place of the party in Anjuna because of its popularity, but if you are visiting during Christmas to New Year; It gets too sung in this season as large numbers of tourists from all over the world come to Goa to enjoy the beach Anjuna colorful parties.

3. Dona Paula, Goa: - This is not an understatement if I say Dona Paula is paradise among travelers to Goa. And why not, the encounters of two beautiful rivers 'Mandovi' & 'Zuari', and the proof of Portuguese historical monuments make it the most visit and all time best idyllic tourist attraction in Goa. However, the whitewashed statue is the main attraction of Dona Paula but the tourists mainly visit Dona Paula for its beautiful rocky beaches and water sports activities like, swimming, yachting, boat, water scooters, wind surfing, Para-sailing and fishing.

4. Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa: - I am sure that all Indians (Traveler) are well aware of the most attractive, the most eminent, and ideal of the Dudhsagar of the Falls of Spades. Located in the wildlife sanctuary of Mahavir, 60 km. From Panaji on the Karnataka-Goa border, Dudhsagar is a must-see tourist spot in Goa where the beautiful white water slips down like a drunken snake more than 300 meters high spreading Rocker Hills, and even becomes fast and furious during the season Of the monsoon in the western countries of Goa. The lush green forest environment, the black rocks the unparalleled attraction, and its wonderful panorama with lots of amazing charms can crazy to anyone for a while.

5. Casino Royale Cruise Goa: - Casino Royale, an ultimate and must go tourist spot in Goa for singles, youth, elders, casino lovers, and alcohol hunters. :) Royal Casino is the Goa Cruise that provides the unbeaten experience to travelers that any tourist place can not deliver anyway throughout Goa. Even can not compete with the popularity and fun of Casino Royale.

Tourist Destination's In Goa


6. St Francis Xavier Church, Goa: - Located in Old Goa, St Francis Xavier Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest church in India, which is famous for its divinity and the most beautiful paradigm of Baroque architecture. Bom Jesus is one of the most famous and most visited churches in the world that must be visited by every Goa traveler to feel the spirituality, calm, trustiness and architectural art of this centerpiece. What I can say more about this religious paradigm is the center of the religious attraction of Goa and can never be invisible.

7. Fort Aguada, Goa: - The evidence of Goa's Portuguese history and the art of magnificent architecture, Fort Aguada is the largest and one of the oldest forts in Goa. Built in 1609-1612 to protect Goa from hidden enemies attack and provide clean water to ships passing through the great Arabian ocean. But now Fort Aguada is the main landmark of Goa tourism and a historic visiting site of high also it is always exciting and incredible experience to watch the waves of the deep ocean and the natural panorama of the sea, A historic site. A lighthouse thirteen meters (42.5 feet) high and the beautiful view of the bastions with the fabulous surrounding sea is the unique attraction of Fort Aguada.

8. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Goa: - Well known as Panjim Church, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is the main entrance to the capital city of Goa. And undoubtedly it is more beautiful tourist destinations in Goa, as it is visited by many travelers to see all the view of the street from the beautiful Panaji town from the top point of this wonderful church. The beautiful and simple but beautiful interior is the main attraction of this Saint site. This impressive and attractive draws Bollywood too! That's why a lot of Hindi superhit movies have been shot here. It is therefore certainly recommended to take a break in Old Goa and experience the importance of this religious and picturesque place.

9. Mangeshi Temple, Goa: - Situated in the village of Mangeshi / Mangueshim (21 km from the town of Panaji), Mangeshi Temple is the most important place to visit in Goa. However, this temple is only 400 years old (renovation), but the mythology of the era make it the most famous and the highest religious place in Goa. Really dedicated to the very different structure of Lord Shiva (like Mangueshi), this spiritual place is the most elegant temple of Goa. The seven floors deepastambha (lamppost), a huge courtyard, and an exceptional water reservoir, which is believed to be the oldest part of this holy place. Click here to learn more about the history, deities and rituals of this beautiful temple.

10. Three Kings Church, Goa: - Millions of people go to Goa every year, but very few travelers know this famous haunted place. Located 2 kilometers (a few minutes drive) from Velsao Beach South Goa, three Kings Church is one of the most haunted places in India. However, it is truly a picturesque spot before sunset, from where you can watch the waves of the blue ocean with the border of the palm trees and the spectacular 360 ° views of the beautiful Goa. But it is mostly closed early in the evening due to some scary stories and horror experiences. Always you can travel all around around three Kings Church for the beautiful view of the evening of peace.

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