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Tour Activities to do in Kerala

Tour Activities to do in Kerala - Kerala the country of God

Tour Activities to do in Kerala

With the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats of the other, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India. Its unique topography, a fair climate, tranquil stagnant waters and a long coastline with peaceful beaches, which makes it more attractive as an ideal destination for tourists in India. The land of " spices and coconuts ", "from Ayurveda, Beauty and fair and festivals", Kerala is a magical land. 
There are many tour activity  you can do in Kerala, from sailing to learning the ancient dance Art "Kathakali", the state is attractive cultural point of India. Travelers from all over the globe visit Kerala and admire its exiberant pulchritude. The undeniable charm of Kerala has fascinated the empires, kings and Queens in the past, for several decades, it is at the top of the list of places figured in the itineraries of travelers and explorers.
 Tour Activities to do in Kerala


House Boat Ride - The exuberant houseboats of Kerala are famous for its luxurious picturesque surroundings. One or two days spent on these barges, you will feel like, if you were in another world.

The land of Ayurvedic treatmentKerala is the center of Ayurveda, it's been 5 000 years since this therapy was born in Indian medicine, famous for its organic treatments and a quick and positive result. There are several varieties of choice based on the type of your stamp and skin.

Attend the show Kathakali - I believe this is one of the oldest form of theater in the world, the Kathakali presentation is anything else you may have never seen before. A dynamic costume, remarkable, makeup and perfect dance that you will probably like.

The famous snake Boat Race -Plan in your diary a trip according to this program (August-September), which you can witness the splendor of the race of the snake boat of Kerala. This 50 m long snake boat with more than a hundred rowers, it is a very beautiful event and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The wonderful murals of Kerala -The murals that surround the breathtaking temples of Kerala. This gives the shade of beautiful color scheme that describes the legend and mythology of the Hindu culture. Admire the aesthetic art and learn the story through these photos.
Attend the Temple festival - Often considered "the country of God", Kerala has a large number of temples. With a unique tradition and festivities, it is a celebration of every day. These festivals are celebrated in all religions. Every day thousands of people attend this fiesta, there are elephants, dancers and artists everywhere you go. It's a wonderful experience.
One night languid at the beach - Relatively deserted and far from the chaos of northern India, the beaches of Kerala are the best beaches in the world. The beaches Kovalam, Virkala, Marari, Kanner are the least favorite in relation to the choice.
Farm Visit the tea and spice plantations - India is one of the largest producer and exporter of tea whose core is Kerala. Make a tour to various spice and tea plantations across Kerala and smell an intoxicating scent and taste the Indian tea flower.

Sanctuary of wild life and enjoy the nature - The nature habitats of Kerala consist of a verdant rainforest and the biodiversity of the registered States as the most important of the world. The flora and fauna of the area is very exceptional, with many of the sanctuaries of wild lives that covers the area, a tour to explore nature is a necessity for all travelers.

Test the cuisine of Kerala - Known for its famous cuisine and culture, a range of sea food and coconut flavour, Kerala is the dream of every gourmand. Explore various food options.
With the various options and much to do, Kerala's exhilarating fervor

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