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Top 8 Water Parks in India -

The time is fast reaching boiling point and summer vacation for schools and colleges started! Start the summer while you can still make your way out of the house and to the nearest available transportation mode and head to one (or all) of those best water parks in India, just so you can take a dip , Sit down, relax and let a sigh. Because life is too short and sweet to sit on the shore when you can play with water.

Popular Water Parks In India


1. Water Kingdom, Mumbai: - Known as the largest water theme park in Asia, Water Kingdom is the oldest known water park in India. The rides and experience have only gone from good to great, all at a reasonable rate. Some old favorites remain, like the artificial beach built inside the park. Not only that, there are combined passes available to the esse world, right next door. The Kingdom of Water remains as one of the most visited parks in India, from school stakes to even weddings and New Year's Eve nights. Admission: adult-890; Child - 590; Senior Citizen - 29 Tips: Use the lockers systems available for optimum tension-free fun.

2. Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai – Pune: - Declared by many as the best waterpark in India in a long time, ADLABS Aquamagica is best known for their polite staff and affordable food. Even though its prices are at the top end of the range, a lot of fun is promised to those who go in groups but on weekdays. Weekends see a huge influx of crowds from the two congested cities of Mumbai and Pune that ends up in long waiting in the queue for each turn. Each tower has its own feel to it and the park has an excellent overall feel. They have a lot of seasonal discounts for students, couples and others. Admission: adult-950, child and Senior Citizen-750 tips: wear your own swimwear as it can be expensive if you choose to buy it inside. Try to go to a time when you can benefit from discounts.

3. Wonder la, Bangalore: - An interesting and fun water park in India, Wonderla is a favorite among young children as well as seniors for the variety of rides they offer. The park has both a water park and theme park, but unlike most parks combined, there has not been a reduction in the number of merry-go-rounds of both types. Many find it difficult to complete all rides in a day, but get out having the best time. The park has very high thrill rides for daredevil and people who like to test their limits. Entrance fee: changes according to season. Must try rides: wavy and vertical autumn, Equinox, madness, y-Scream and all the other high-thrill rides.

4. Wonder la Cochin: - Formerly known as VEEGA Land, Wonderla Cochin is as well looked after and loved as her counterpart in Bangalore. Visited frequently by young crowds as well as elderly who wish to relax, Wonderla in Cochin is an ideal place to relax and stroll in the great tropical Kerala with the shade and the fresh rustle of large coconut leaves.

8 Best Water Parks In India To Travel To This Summer

5. World of Wonder (WoW), Noida: - With an excellent website to guide you through information about the water park, Wow is a very popular park located in the center of Noida frequently visited by people of all ages. An easy place to be entertained, a lot of events happen here from time to time and it's great if you can do it there for one of them. You can also visit the theme park and Go-Karting area for an added dosage of fun. Admission: Monday to Friday; Adult-750 INR, child-550 INR and Senior Citizens-450 INR Tips: Try to take advantage of the Super Saver and Family offers. This park is closed for winter.

6. Oysters, Gurgaon: - Spread around an area of 10 acres, this popular water park is located in a prime location outside the Huda subway station in Gurgaon. A perfect entertainment destination, the oysters is filled with a mixed bag of thrill adventure rides, lazy rides and rides for the younger ones in the crowd, and it is sure to an excellent people please.

7. GRS Fantasy park, Mysore: - Winning the Trip Advisor's 2014 Travelers Choice Award, GRS is a waterpark in India that promises to have fun and book. Hygienic environment, good staff and good crowd to complete your trip, GRS Mysore promises to have fun for all kinds of visitors trying to create all kinds of entertainment for them like the Aqua Racer, the first of its kind in India that has Lights and themes inside the tubes of the rides.

8. Queensland, Chennai: - Half an hour from Chennai you can find this amazing amusement park which was established in 2003. Its been a success ever since with someone who wants a break for the weekend of Chennai and its Occasional unbearable heat waves.

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