Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Popular Destinations In India For Those Who Love Adventure

Featuring many wonderful destinations and opportunities for wonderful things to do and enjoy, India is a friendly tourist country in all aspects. Whether it is pilgrimage, heritage, wildlife or adventure, there is no shortage of opportunities and options. Due to its varied topographic features, adventure tourism is one of the main highlights and striking feature of India. From the Himalayan mountains to spot the "Royal Bengal Tiger" in its famous national parks and its extensive shoreline that support many water sports to the ancient caverns, choose any activity you want to experience.

Popular Destinations For Adventure In India


1.) Bir-Billing: - The rolling hills and rolling meadows encircling the villages of Bir and the billing perfectly paint a diorama of the pastoral idyll. But what catches your attention is the innumerable paragliding that fly away on the thermals. This area of Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the most beautiful paragliding destinations in the world.

2.) Rajasthan: - It is fair to say that hot air balloon rides are new to Indian adventure tourism, but it is still becoming a fad among tourists, especially honeymooners and family vacationers. Get a bird's eye view of the sand dunes, small villages, and massive forts and palaces of Rajasthan with hot air balloon flights. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park are the main points to enjoy these rides.

3.) Rishikesh: - A very common name, but very special! Yes, it has the particularity of being one of the best adventure destinations in India in all aspects. With rafting, cliff jumping, rock climbing, abseiling, camping and many more activities at its disposal, this is the only destination in India where Hard-Core fans of adventure can have the rush to adventure, Adrenaline jumping bungee jump.

4.) Bandhavgarh National Park: - Whether you prefer an elephant ride or want to spot a large wild cat, Wildlife Safari in India is something that excites everyone, regardless of age. But deciding where to go is always a big question? So head to Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh where Bandhavgarh National Park looks forward to hosting wildlife enthusiasts from around the world.

5.) Ladakh: - From the intense Attis Kangri Trek to Easy Sham Valley Trek, it's hard to beat Ladakh's attractiveness in terms of trekking adventure. Although there are many other trails in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, but what distinguishes Ladakh from other is its topographical variations, highly influencing the monastery circuit and life-survivor experiences.

Adventures Places In India For Adventure Lovers


6.) Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: - Endowed with leafy and tropical forests with evergreen foliage, this small bird sanctuary is a birdwatching paradise. Nestled in Kothamangalam in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, it is a wonderful place to observe rare endemic bird species, including purple sunbirds, red cackles, Malabar hornbill, Ceylon bay owl and The Malay night heron.

7.) Dandeli: - Located about 125 km from Goa, Dandeli captivates the adventure seekers with its distinct aura. The ancient temples, the hills and the famous Kali river give this place a striking scenic view. With reminder, tourists can also try kayaking, fishing, jeep safaris and bird watching in Dandeli in Karnataka.

8.) Sikkim: - When it comes to the Hard-Core adventure like mountaineering, it's hard to neglect the "land of Lepchas." With its mountainous landscape, Sikkim sets the minds of the conquering peoples from all over the world. There is Mount Pandim, Mount Thingchinkhang, Mount Jopunu and of course the mighty Kangchenjunga to put your pulse.

9.) Manali: - Mountain Bike is one of the most exciting and exciting adventure activities in India and there is no one to dethrone Manali from its superior position to be the best destination to start bike expeditions in the country. There are several exotic routes from Manali to enjoy the untouched beauty of the Himalayas.

10.) Meghalaya: - If you really want to experience some off-beat adventurous activities then nothing can beat the thrill of exploration cave. And in India, no one can take the honor of being the "land of the beautiful caves" of Meghalaya.

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