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Top 10 Hill Stations of India

Most of the top hill stations in India were established by European settlers who sought milder healthier weather they were used to return home to find the respite from the hot summer in India. So let we take a look on India's top hill stations for tourism.

India's Top Hill Stations for Tourism

Shimla Hill Stations
1.) Shimla: - Shimla is one of the most popular hill resorts in India. The entire city is slipped through a single crest with sharp hills surrounded by Deodar pines, oaks and rhododendrons from forests stretched in all directions. Lovely walks along the ridge and the mall road are the most popular activities. The city also offers a variety of shopping and entertainment activities all stretched across and connected to the Mall arterial road where fortunately the vehicles are not allowed to enter.

2.) Ooty: - Ooty is a lively hill station in the Nilgiri mountain range in Tamil Nadu. Although the heart of this hill town is crowded and in not that good form due to the thrust in tourism, the treasures of Ooty are located deep inside and on distant corners. The well-kept parks and gardens, temples, sunset points, the Bunglows era and the verdant surroundings dotted with pine and moss are the charm of Ooty.

Darjeeling Hill Station
3.) Darjeeling: - The world heritage of the Darjeeling Mountain Railways stands out when we think of this charming hill station in North India. Darjeeling is yet another name to fame are the world-class tea plantations. Perched on a mountain ridge at the elevation of 6,710 feet with the fear of inspiring views of the Himalayan peaks and green tea fields, Darjeeling is soothing to the eyes, refreshing for the spirit and exalting for the ' soul.

4.) Mount Abu: - A haven in the Rajasthan Desert Kingdom, Mount Abu with its verdant, salubrious weather and various lakes & waterfalls is different from anywhere else in the state. Perched on the beach of Aravali Hill at an altitude of 1164 meters, Mount Abu houses more than 80 Jain and Hindu temples and sanctuaries with Jain temples in Delwara attracting the lion's share of tourists.
Lonavala Hill Station

5.) Lonavala: - This charming hill station near Mumbai and Pune is a verdant delight. Here you literally walk on the clouds as they fly away underneath you, embark on nature walks and hikes and there are places of historical interest too. These hill stations in India are best visited in July and August at the arrival of the monsoon making it one of the best places to visit in India during the monsoon.

India's Top Hill Stations for Summer Vacations

Almora Hill Station

6.) Almora:- It is a gem of the place nestled in the Himalayan Kumaon in Uttarakhand. Relatively unexplored and less popular among tourists-and this is where its pace is-Almora has offered rejuvenation and inspiring rejection to the likes of Rabinda Nath Tagore and Swami Rachid who sought the sanctuary of this picturesque place.

7.) Matheran: - Matheran is one of the few hill stations in India where vehicles are totally banned from entering. This move has done wonders to keep this hill station in Maharashtra-one of the sought-after weekend getaways of Mumbai and Pune-to keep its settings blank.
McLeodganj Hill Station

8.) McLeodganj: - The seat of the Tibetan government in exile, Mcleodganj in Himachal is a pastoral delight. Perched on a horseshoe-shaped ridge in the Dauladhar range of the Himalayas, Mcleodganj is the place where a lot of world and culture co exists. Right from the Tibetan, to the British who stayed behind and the modern hippies and global nomads, in this bustling city you are in a truly global village.
Binsar Hill Station

9.) Binsar: - A charming hill station wrapped in pine forests and surrounded by powerful Himalayan peaks, Benner is your ticket to Bliss. Almost cut off from civilization (as soon as you enter the wildlife preserve of ferries), Benner is an ideal place for nature walks, bird watching and doing nothing. It is also favored by artists and writers as they come to seek inspiration from the hills.
Gangtok Hill Station

10.) Gangtok: - Located in the Indian state of Sikkim, the Gangtok is a serene and captivating hill station, famous for its charming valleys and majestic monasteries. It is a lively and friendly hill station that is flooded by tourists from all over the world. The town of Hill is very popular with lovers of trekking. Some popular tourist locations in Gangtok include Flower Show, Banjhakri Hills, Tashi View Point, Tsongmo Lake and Rumtek Monastery.

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