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Kerala God’s own country

Kerala God’s own country

Kerala God’s own country - Kerala, we love it. First, Keralais are welcoming and warm. Then, in the "Land of Coconuts", nature is generous and varied.

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The backwaters, a vast network of rivers, lagoons and canals, criss-cross the region to the delight of The beaches of South Kerala are seaside, and the mountains, carved by places of tea plantations, very beautiful, represent the somewhat more wild part of the area. Finally, this state, formed from the meeting of those of Travancore and Cochin in 1956, remains very peculiar from a historical, political and demographic point of view.
Tolerance is a long story. Animists, Dravidian, Indo-Aryans, Jains, Buddhists, Hindus (of course), Jews, Christians fleeing the persecution of Persia and Babylon, Jacobites, Anglicans succeeded. All in good order, each rite dyes itself with a local hue. In a more agitated period, Vasco de Gama attempted to break the Arab monopoly on the spice trade before die in Cochin.
Closer to us, from 1957 to 1991, the Marxists administered the region. Today, Kerala is again led by an alliance led by the local Communist Party, still very popular. The Keralais state has the highest human development index in the country. Poverty is less visible and the economy energized by the contribution of Keralais parties to work abroad, especially in the Gulf countries.
Paradoxically, if the population density of the state is one of the highest ,  the fertility rate does not exceed 1.8 children per woman, a rarity in the country. Moreover, this state, heir to a matrilineal social organization, is the only Indian state  where it is born more women than men.

The literacy rate especially for women, is the highest in the country: 94% of Keralais (92.1% for women). Finally, Kerala has an original culture which is expressed in particular through the Kalarippayat and the Kathakali, respectively martial art and dance Theatre.

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