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Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur

Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one of the popular destinations of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is popular with the name of Sun City because here you enjoy bright and sunny whether all year. It is also known as Blue City of Rajasthan because of the houses of old city is decorated with blue colors. Jodhpur city is a well known and popular tourist destination of Rajasthan and makes their presence in all over the world. Jodhpur city was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha and in beginning it is known as Marwar. At that time this city makes their profit by trading in copper, opium, silk, date palm, sandals and coffee. So today we share some information regarding the places to visit in Jodhpur. So this place is popular for its forts and palaces. So let we check the details to visit in Jodhpur.
Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur

1. Mehrangarh Fort: - Mehrangarh fort is well known tourist destination in India and not in India it makes their presence in whole world. This historic fort is packed with history of legends of Rajasthan. If you visit there, you find the prints of cannonball attacks till now. This fort is popular for it’s carved panels, decorated windows and many more. This fort is so huge; because of that Rudyard kipling give this fort a name i.e. "The Work of a Giant". And this fort is also acknowledged as one of the best preserved fort in India. For security of this fort, there are lots of gates are made and that are known as Jai Pol, Dodh Kangra Pol, Loha Pol, Suraj Pol, and Fateh Pol.

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2. Khejarla Fort: - Khejarla Fort is a fabulous red sandstone monument, which is now became a heritage hotel. Khejarla Fort shows a live example of royal rajput architecture. The name of this fort is taken from the name of a tree, Khejdi tree, which is also a state tree of Rajasthan. It is a Jagir of Maharaja Gopal Das Ji after his great achievement in the war against the Mughals. The best thing of that fort is, that this fort is destroyed by mughals during attacks and after that valor of rajput again reconstructed this fort after every attacks. This fort is now the house of royal khejarla family and rest of fort is converted into a well known Heritage Hotel of Jodhpur. 
top places to visit in jodhpur

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace: - Umaid Bhawan Palace was established by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929. This palace is also known as Chttar Palace because this palace was built by the stones of Chittar hill. The construction of this fort was completed in 16 years and it is designed by a well known architecture of Britain, HV Lanchester. This fort is known as one of the largest private residences in whole world. This palace is only palace in whole world which is established in 20th century. Now this palace is managed by Taj Hotel. This palace is divided into three parts i.e. the residence of the royal family, a luxury Taj Palace Hotel and a Museum. The style of architecture of this palace is known as Indo Deco style.
Moti Mahal in Jodhpur Tour

4. Moti Mahal: - Moti Mahal is known for its architecture of glass windows. It is a largest period room of Mehrangarh Museum. And there is also 5 nooks, it is assumed that these balconies are build for five queens of the Maharaja to enable them to listen in on court proceeding. This palace also has a Sringar Chowki, The Royal Throne of Jodhpur. This is a private room for audience, which is situated in Mehrangarh Palace. Moti Mahal was built by Raja Sur Singh.
Sheesh Mahal in jodhpur tour

5. Sheesh Mahal: - sheesh Mahal is a glass palace, which is situated in Mehrangarh fort. It is a spectacular piece of architecture. It Sheesh Mahal, you found a beautiful mirror work and with that a brightly painted religious figures made in plaster. So it shows a fabulous architecture of royal Rajasthan.
6. Phool Mahal: - Phool Mahal is built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh. It is also one of the period room, which is situated in Mehrangarh fort. It is assumed that dancing girls are performed here for enjoyment of Maharajas. Gold during architecture of Phool Mahal are comes from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. And the royal portraits, painting and very popular "raga mala" is came during the reign of Jaswant Singh II.

7. Chamunda Mataji Temple: - Chamunda Mata Temple is situated in southern end of Mehrangarh Fort. Chamunda Mata is idol Godess of Rao Jodha. And from that time Chamunda Mata is worshiped as an Isht Devi or adopted godess of all Rajas and Maharajas families. Now the local peoples are also worshiped here of special occasion. The people of Jodhpur celebrate here a hude festival during Navratri and Dusshera.

8. Ranisar Padamsar: - Ranisar and Padmasar is a lake which is situated near Fateh Pole in Mehrangarh. Ranisar Padmasar was established on 1459. These both lakes are separate, from them Ranisar lake was built on the order of Queen Jasmade Hadi, Rao Jodha's wife and the other on is built on the order of Queen Padmini of Rao Ganga, daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar. These both lakes are built with a motive of conservation of natural water. It is also an example of Heritage Water Storage System Jodhpur.

9. Jodhpur Government Museum: - Jodhpur Government Museum was established on 1909 as a Sardar Government Museum. The name of this museum is on the name of Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur. This museum was opened for public on 17 March, 1936. This Museum was situated at Ummed Bagh of Jodhpur. Here you find lots of things which openly explains the history of Jodhpur such as various collection of weapons, miniature portraits, textiles and many arts & crafts.

10. Jaswant Thada: - Jaswant Thada is a white milky marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. It is also known as Taj Mahal of Jodhpur. This Cenotaph was established in 1889 AD. The architecture of this centaph is really awesome and you feel relax their. It is a tribute ot a best leader Jaswant Singh II and it is also a main centre of attraction in Jodhpur. In that cenatoph you find the portraits of the rulers and Maharajas of Jodhpur.

11. Ghanta Ghar: - Ghanta Ghar is also known as clock tower of Rajasthan. it is situated at busy area of Jodhpur. This clock tower was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh. It is situated in Sardar Market, and it is also famous shopping zone of Jodhpur. Here you find clay figurines, miniature camels, Rajasthani textiles, classic silver jewellery and many more. It is also a point of attraction for tourist in Jodhpur.

12. Mahamandir Temple: - Meaning of Mahamandir is great temple. It was established on 1812. This temple was built on the support of 84 pillars and these pillars are decorated with frescos and carvings depicting yogic postures, intricate motifs and other artwork within its premises. The architecture of this fort is marvelous. This temple is mainly for the God Shiva. So if you love architecture then it is also a best centre of attraction for you.

13. Mandaleshwar Mahadev: - Mandaleshwar Mahadev temple was one of the oldest temple of Rajasthan; it was established on 923 AD by Mandal Nath. On the walls of that temple you find many paintings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In month of March and April, it catches a lot of attention during Mandalnath Mela and looks very beautiful at that time. Only forts are not attracts tourist in Jodhpur, temples and their architecture is also attract tourist.

14. Sardar Samand Lake & Palace: - Sardar Samand Palace is built in the banks of Sardar Samand Lake by Maharaj Umaid Singh in 1933. If you love bird watching, then it is a best place for you, because this lake attracts some migratory and local birds such as the yellow-legged green pigeon, Himalayan griffon and Dalmatian pelican. This palace shows the marvelous Art Deco of the glorious days. This palace is established for resting the rulers during their bird hunting.

15. Masuria hills: - Masuria hills a is known for Masuria garden. Because Masuria garden is situated at top of Masuria hill. This garden is calculates in one of the three most beautiful and famous gardens of Rajasthan. This place is also famous in devout people, because here it is a centuries old temple of local deity baba Ramdev.

16. Shastri circle: - Shastri circle is situated at middel of Jodhpur city. It is a traffic roundabout. It looks more amazing at the time of night. Because at that time, here you find lights and fountains. It attracts both local peoples and tourist. Seen of Shashtri circle is really as awesome experience during tour of Jodhpur.

17. Mandore: - Mandore is a ancient town and capital of Marwar. This area has a main historical importance. In that historic town, you find some monuments. In Mandore garden you find some mportance. It is a major point of attractions. And one of the best things at that place is that, you find here a temple of a demon king Ravan. It is assumed that Mandore is a native place of Ravan's wife Mandodari.

18. Kailana Lake: - Kalyana Lake is also a articial lake which was established in 1872. This lake is spreaded in 84 square kms. It is a best place for bird watchers. This lake offers you a breathtaking view of the sunset. This lake is also known as Pratap Sagar. It is a best place for royal members for secured hunting.

19. Machiya Safari Park: - Machiya Safari Park is situated near Kailana Lake on the way of Jaisalmer. It is a biological park, here you find, deer, desert foxes, monitor lizards, blue bulls, hare, wild cats, mongoose, monkeys, etc. And if you visit there, don’t miss the spectacular views of sunset.
20. Somnath Temple: - Somnath temple is a temple of lord Shiva which is situated in Jodhpur. Shrine of this temple is constructed by ng of Gujarat Kumarpal Solanki in the Vikram Samvat 1209. Sommath temple is known for his fabulous shilp art and their rich history. Shiva Linga of this temple is bought here by Raj Kumar Pal Solanki from Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

21. Balsamand lake: - Balsamand is a artificial lake which was established in 1159 AD. This lake is established with a motive of water reservoir to cater to Mandore. It is a very well known picnic spot for tourist and locals.

22. Guda Village: - Guda Bishnoi village is a scenic beauty place which is marhed with Khejri trees and deer. In this village you found a manmade lake, and near that you found many migratory birds like domicile, cranes etc, blackbucks and chinkaras. This village is popular for their rich cultural Rajasthani Life and there true love for nature and animals.

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