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Places To Visit In India - Best Places To Visit In India - Top Places To Visit In India

Places to Visit In India

1. Gokarna, Karnataka: - Gokarna is a small town of Karnataka, and best place to visit in gokarna is Gokarna beach. This village is a Hindu pilgrimage town and a hub for beach lovers. It is known for beaches and temples. Beaches are meant for the realxed and slow holiday. Explore More About Gokarna: - Click Here


2. Darjeeling, West Bengal: - Darjeeling is one of the prettiest hill stations in India which is located in northern part of West Bengal. This place is for view of snowcapped Kanchenjunga, torrents flowing down the mountain slopes, lovely tea gardens, landscapes with firs, pines & ferns, and all that combined with friendly people and modern yet colonial charm. For more information visit here: - Click Here


3. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir: - This town is situated on the banks of River Jhelum. Srinagar combines nature, beauty, harmony and romance in the sky with mountains and evergreen beauty. For more details visit here: - Click Here


4. Pune, Maharashtra: - Pune is surrounded by lush hills and vile lakes and a healthy climate, Pune is known as Queen Deccan and Oxford-east. The cultural capital of Maharashtra is located in the green urban areas of India. The achievements and frustrations of the Empire of Maratha, Shivaji and the great leaders of the first year have been widely informed of the previous history. For Full Information Regarding Pune Tourism: - Visit Here


5. Bodh Gaya, Bihar: - Bodh Gaya is a religious venue and travel site associated with the Mahabodhi temple complexes of the district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous for being a place where it is said that the benefit of the Gautam Buddha is clarity (poly: Bodhi) which is known as Bodhun tree.


6. New Delhi, NCR: - From Mughal farms to the Delhi University campus, from historic monuments to crowded shopping malls, many people in the capital have had the opportunity to make "good, beautiful and ugly". New Delhi is a vibrant mix of traditions, cultural diversity, political significance and architecture of talents. It has its historical glory in its present-day weather.


7. Udaipur, Rajasthan: - Often known as the "Venice of the East", the city of the lake Udaipur is located around the lake of blue water and is surrounded by the lush green hills of Aravallis. The palace's famous Lake, located in the Pichola in the middle of the lake, is one of the most beautiful places in Udaipur. It is also home to Jaisamand Lake, claiming to be the second largest artificial freshwater lake in Asia. The magnificent palace of the city and Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) Add to the city's architectural beauty and exaltation.


8. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: - Mahabalipuram is one of the most interesting things in history. Ancient Mamallapuram, like Mahabalipuram, was once known, surrounded by an incredible "open air museum" of sculpture underneath the vault of a sizzling sky which was in the southern port city Pallav, India. It was the purpose behind all the exercises and at the top, all the real residents of this place have suddenly vanished, not responding at all.


9. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: - Situated at the scenes of Ganga and Chandurbhaga, Rishikesh is the center of many ancient temples, popular cafes, yoga ashrams and adventure games at the foot of the hill of the Himalayas with that. Rishikesh, over the years, has become extremely popular as the world's leading spiritual destination, especially to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the last decade 60. Since Ganga stands on the sacred banks of the river, this area is the center of the monks (saints) and there are many ashrams that teach spiritual, yoga, meditation and ayurveda.


10. Goa: - Goa is the most tourist state associated with 300 years in the beaches, nightlife and Portuguese architecture. The city of churches is called by many people, the Goa culture has an ongoing effect of having a Portuguese subinvestment. Due to separation from other countries, an attribute in Goa is a colorful house, luxurious green farm and soothing environmental idling.


11. Pushkar, Rajasthan: - Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. Located in the north-west of Ajmer, the quiet city of Pushkar is a favorite place for thousands of tourists and is served in Rajasthan. Pushkar located at a height of 510 meters is surrounded by three rows of hills. The literal meaning of the snake 'mountain' snake is a natural boundary between the mountains of Ajmer and Pushkar. Of Rajasthan rose garden is known as the essence of the famous Pushkar roses has been exported worldwide. Along with interesting mythological history, the heritage of Pushkar with unbreakable architectural heritage makes a glamorous city.


12. Alleppey, Kerala: - Known for its backwaters in Kerala, the city of Alleppey also recognizes its beaches, temples, Ayurvedic boats and spa races and wellness centers. Along the coast of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey (also known as Alappuzha) is the oldest planned backwater city of Kerala. This place is famous for its many crisscrossing sea rivers and is home to many canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons.


13. Hampi, Karnataka: - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra in Karnataka. The ruins of the palace of Hampi, the temples and royal buildings are the wealth of Vijayanagar's testimony and honor of the emperors. The name Hampi comes from the old name of the river Tungabhadra, the supermarket, the daughter of Lord Brahma. The city is known locally as a supermarket city.


14. Manali, Himachal Pradesh: - When the sound of joy seems to come way above the sky and only for-gliders colors visible above the head, this site is likely in the valley of Manali Hill Station, which has a unique exception from any para gliders in India. Just one of the aspects of this city hill, like honeymoon trying to arrange skiing equipment instead of really ready to try the fun of skiing.


15. Kaziranga National Park, Assam: - Kaziranga National Park is a national park in the districts of Golaghat and Nagaon of the states of Assam, India. The sanctuary, where the house of two-thirds of the great rhinoceros taken by a horn, is a World heritage site.


16. Agra, Uttar Pradesh: - Agra is a city in north of Uttar Pradesh in India. This is the Taj Mahal, the house owner Macrocosm wife, a tomb made for the head of Mughal Mumtaz Mahal. In its notorious main building, there is a large dome and white marble character that treats gemstones. It is located behind a reflective pool within the courtyard specified by 4 minarets.


17. Gangtok, Sikkim: - Gangtok is the capital of the northern Indian states of Sikkim. Established as a Buddhist journey during the 1840's, the city became the capital of independent monarchies when the British regime ended, but India joined 1 9 75. Today, it is a Tibetan Buddhist center and a base for nearby conducting travel permits and transportation through Sikkim. Series of Himalayan mountains.


18. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: - Varanasi is famous for Banaas or Kashi, the holy city of Varanasi is located on the banks of the river Ganga and is considered the holiest city in India because of its location and history and its many temples. The city of the temple or the Banaas, as it is popularly known, is a holy city on the banks of the river Ganga. It is said that Shiva had discovered by the Lord, is the city of historical importance as well as immense religion.


19. Madurai, Tamil Nadu: - Madurai is one of India's oldest cities and has been ruled by Reyes Pandya for most of its history. This city is built by Lotus and is well known as the city of Lotus as well. This place is a great heritage of culture and a mythical history is strong that is spreading in future generations. The reason most people visit the city is the temple of Meenakshi, dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi with a sanctuary for her husband, Sundareshwarar.


20. Mumbai, Maharashtra: - Mumbai City is in the real sense of mega-city being powered by power, wealth, magnificence, and fame that draw people to shape their dreams and aspirations. But it is also a city with strong historical links, superb British architecture, museums, beaches, places of worship, and above all, a real galaxy of stars which reigns supreme in Bollywood.


21. Munnar, Kerala: - Munnar is a hill station, famous for its tea estates, exotic scenery, abundance of flora and fauna and steep mountains. One of the largest tea plantations in southern India, Munnar is one of the most beautiful and popular hills in Kerala. Located on the banks of the river three-Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru, Munnar is also blessed with natural views besides tea plantations.


22. Kolkata, West Bengal: - Unlike the Indian states along the Himalayas, the West Bengal is however explored in the depths of some foreign travelers. That may have to do with the exaggerated reputation of its capital, Kolkata (Calcutta), an exciting, sophisticated and friendly city that dumps its popular image as difficult and messy.


23. Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh: - Mcleodganj is a hill station near Dharamshala, popular among trekkers. Culture is a beautiful blend of Tibet with some British influences. Rin is known as the small Lhasa and famous throughout the world due to being home to the Tibetan spiritual leader of the Dalai Lama, Mcleodganj a beautiful city located near Dharamsala Superior. Amidst the majestic hills and lush vegetation, this culturally-based city is blessed with an important influence on Tibet due to the larger community of Tibetans here.


24. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh: - Khajuraho Temple is a history of Madhya Pradesh land area. Madhya Pradesh is home to monuments represented by different periods of history. The Khajuraho is renowned for its ornamental temple with a spectacular piece of human imagination, artistic creativity, a wonderful architectural work and a beginning of spiritual peace through sexual immorality.


25. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: - If you are interested in geology, then Jaisalmer is where you need to travel. The wood Fossil Park or Aakal is located about 15 kilometers from the city. Here, one can discover and trace the geological tragedies that occurred in the desert of Thar 180 million years ago. The city of Jaisalmer also acts as the guard of the western border of Rajasthan (India). The "golden town" is located near the border of Pakistan and around the desert of Thar. The most prominent landmarks in the city are the walls of Jaisalmer, also called Sonar Qila (Golden Fort). Unlike most other strongs in India, Fort Jaisalmer is not just a tourist attraction. It houses stores, hotels and ancient havelis (home) where generations continue to live.


26. Jaipur, Rajasthan: - Planned by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, Jaipur is recognized as the first planned city in India. Famous for its colorful gem, the capital of Rajasthan combines the charm of old history with all the advantages of a metropolis. The vibrant modern city is one of the three corners of the Golden Triangle accompanied by Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.


27. Bangalore, Karnataka: -  There has been a gradual transformation from being a garden city to Silicon Valley in India, Bengaluru is the third largest and one of the best residential cities in India. As we grow on jobs for young professionals, we are, Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan reality city with people from all over the country coming, not just for work but finding a better life. In 2012, Bengaluru was declared "the best residential city in India" according to a nationwide survey.


28. Shillong, Meghalaya: - Born in nature's lap, is the capital of Meghalaya. Shillong offers each of the old elements for exploring the baggage. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is home to many waterfalls. Exciting mountain tops, crystal lakes, stunningly beautiful golf courses, museums and zoos are the main reasons why people visit Shillong. Aside from the natural beauty, Shillong also acts as the gateway to Meghalaya, a state famous for heavy rains, caving, high waterfall, scenic views and wonderful people and cultures.


29. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir: - A land like no other has so much prosperity to visit attractions and such as spectacular and spectacular views, amazing human and cultural, Ladakh is truly a paradise on earth. Covered by two of the world's most powerful mountain ranges, the big Himalayan and the Karakoram, the athwart two, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. Ladakh mystical in all areas of choice, from nature, geography, scenes for decent cultures that it encourages.


30. Puri, Orissa: - Traditionally, this dense desert area was originally inhabited by the Sabanes, a tribal group that precededed the Dravidians and the Aryans. It is believed that the sabanes, originally worshiped Lord Jagannath as Nilamadhab, and made the images of the red tree body. This God was subsequently adopted by the Brahmans.


31. Amritsar, Punjab: - It is one of the most clean city of Guru Guru-Vaani from Gurudwaras, Amritsar world famous for the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara. Amritsar, literally meaning "holy pool of nectar", is the spiritual and cultural center of Sikh religions. The Festivals in Baisakhi Featuring Amritsar's top coat on its best food, dress and happy holidays. This area is also famous for its massacre of Jallianwala Bagh and its proximity to the boundaries of Wagah.


32. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu: - Located in the southern part of India, on beautiful beaches, Vivekananda Memorial and full sunset is one of the most unique places to go to Kanyakumari. Perhaps one of the most unique destinations in India, Kanyakumari, is full of attractions that keep you entertained. You can find temples, churches, religious pillars and whole bodies so that the statues are not overwhelming. The mixed culture of these areas is reflected in art, architecture and even local food.


33. Andaman & Nicobar: - A group of 600 islands in the Look of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for their beautiful beaches, savory forest and adventurous water sports. Located in the Look of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an archipelago consisting of 600 islands that only 36 islands are inhabited. The islands are divided into two groups of islands: the islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands. That is, only 9 islands the Andaman group of islands are open to tourists. In ancient times, the island was referred to as Kalapani for their intimate offense establishment.



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