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15 August Happy Independence Day Celebration India

 15 August - Happy Independence Day Celebration India

15-august-Happy-Independence-Day-Celebration India
On 15th of August entire India is going to celebrate the 67th year of it’s  Independence. A very important date in the history of modern India where it dispelled the shackles of foreign rule to be it’s own master. It has been noticed in the human history that strong nations have been dominating the weaker nations and India’s independence was very much necessary as the English rule was exploiting the country, it’s people, the natural resources and destroying the inherent ancient values, human love and peaceful coexistence. They were bent upon destroying the native culture and in fact they not only governed the administration but they were making inroads into the psyche of Indian people. India under the British rule was losing it’s identity and national ego. Noted freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak explained to suffering Indians that ‘ Freedom is our birth right and we should not allow anyone to intrude upon our country and our minds. He questioned the presence of the British in India reminding them “India is not their business and they should leave the nation” under the able guidance of Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Mahatma Gandhi became the torch bearer of the India Independence movement and under his leadership the world witnessed unique movement of Independence completely based on non – violence and human love. Mahatma Gandhi entered in the hearts and minds of Indians by his philosophical thoughts of Independence mobilized the entire country and brought the whole country under on umbrella. India today is a proud independent nation understanding it’s responsibility in maintaining world peace. Today India is heard on all the political, social and cultural platforms all over the world. The independent India has been following the policy of non interference in the internal matters of another country. India was the pioneer in forming and shaping the non aligned movement. 
15-august-Happy-Independence-Day-Celebration India

On the 15th of August at midnight, India’s 1st Prime Minister hoisted the National Flag at the Red Fort in Delhi and addressed the national and since then it has become a ritual followed  by all the Prime Minister. This 15th August also the Prime Minister’s address to nation is awaited  by the countrymen to hear the Indian nation roaring under the Indian national lag from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

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