Thursday, 31 August 2017

Chadar Trek Ladakh - Indias Coldest Trek On A Frozen Zansakar River

Chadar Trek – Ladakh

India’s Coldest Trek On A Frozen River


India’s Coldest 10 Day Trek
On 30 Degree Celcius
At Frozen Zanskar River


1.   Accommodation in Hotel or Guesthouse on Day 1 oF Arrival and 08 Day At Leh (All Rooms are Fully Heated)

2.  Accommodation for tents twin sharing basis while camping during trekking.

3.  All meals during the trek a combination oF 3 meals per day.

4.  1 Meal each at the arrival at Leh on Day 1 and Day 08.

5.  Cook and attendant during the trek days.

6.  All necessary technical equipments required for thetrek ( Sleeping bags, Sleeping mats, Camps, Crampons for Shoes + 1 Trekking Pole Per Person).

7.  Porterage fees for Carrying Kitchen/ camping equipments.

8.  Individual Porter for every Participant subject to 7 kg’s of Baggage. Any Baggage above 7 kg’s will be chargeable at 700/ kg.

9.  Basic Wildlife trekking fees.

10. ALTOA Trekking fees as applicable earlier will apply. Included in cost.

Itinerary: -

Day 1
Arrival at Leh
Day 2
Leh to Chilind to Tilat Sumdo
Day 3
Trek Tilat Sumdo to Gyalpo
Day 4
Gyalo to Tibb Cave
Day 5
Tibb Cave to Nyerak
Day 6
Nyerak to Tibb Cave
Day 7
Tibb Cave to Gyalpo
Day 8
Gyalpo to Tilat do to Chilling to Leh

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