Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Jiddu Krishnamurti The Great Indian Philosopher - Speaker - Writer

J. KRISHNA MURTI (Jiddu Krishnamurti) - The Great Indian Philosopher, Speaker & Writer.

The plant earth has been always enriched and guided by the geniuses who have shown the way to the humanity, guided the citizens of the planet in finding solutions to their various problems. India has contributed a lot on the global scenario by providing wise people, saints and scholars. The texture of Indian culture is such which inculcates a global vision in each Indian because what we are hearing today that the world is a global village, it was understood and expressed by the Indian sages in saying ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ , the whole world is a family. Towards late 90’s one such personality rose and walked on the global theatre giving answers to a large spectrum of conflict existing in human life. 
Jiddu Krishnamurti The Great Indian Philosopher - Speaker - Writer

J Krishnamurti explained the nature of the problems mostly arising from human conditioning and behaviour. He was an excellent authority on all the streams of world philosophies, religions and psychology. The thought, it’s genesis, it’s movement and how it is affecting any behaviour and the universal behaviour and how to make it more productive was his core area of his teachings. He understood the suffering of people on the psycho somatic front and the conflict and chaos arising out of these. He provided very simple explanations to long standing questions facing human life. He was of the opinion that we see the problems, we face the problems and we suffer from the problem without understanding why any problem or any conflict exists. 
He explained it is only by the deep understanding of our own self that we can get answers to our problems. He stressed upon the self searching and self scanning of our mind and soul. Once we are in tune with our own selves we can bring about harmony in our lives and that also by being completely non violent. He was of the opinion human beings are cruel to themselves also because they do not understand their own nature, they want to understand their nature whereas they do not know that they themselves are the nature. He would often say that ‘ you are the nature ,nature is not something separate from you. Born in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, he came in contact with prominent theosophical personalities like Annie Besant and Blavatsky. He had a deep and vast understanding of Indian scriptures, Vedas, upnishads, while in Europe in Paris particularly  he came in contact with new philosophical thoughts. He emphasized the role of logic and reasoning in decoding the various challenges facing the human behaviour. He was at a time thought and presented as the universal spiritual society but he did not accept the positions. He was the best example of a free man physically, mentally and spiritually and showed the way to fellow human beings to come out of their conditionings and to understand the real nature of their own self.

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