Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Kathak classical dance of India

India is the country of dances and music which are very much inspired by the nature. There is a large variety of dance styles in India. Indians have learned the art of dance from nature. Their dance steps are inspired by the peacock dance the dancing clouds of monsoon and the dance of the stars. Even the Indian Gods and Goddesses dance, Lord Shiva is popular for his cosmic dance called Tandav. There are dance which are performed on all the happy occasions of life. Every region in India has it’s own style of dance which is very much with the local culture.

 In Norther India, Kathak is the popular form of dancing performed by both men and women. It has deep roots in the Indian society and as a result of that , Kathak has com out as a very strong dancing performance. This is performed in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, mostly in the Central Indian states. This form of dancing can be performed by a single dancer and sometimes by a group also which can be even a group of both men and women. The themes of the dance have been derived from the Krishna – leela, The Raas Leela, historical characters and local folklore. The dance is performed with musical instruments like Tabla, Dholak, Harmonium and Flute. There is the background clapping which also takes place with the vocal directions. This is the dance having lot of movement and the performer covers a very large are of the stage.  The dancers have to undergo immense training to reach the epitome of perfection. In this dance form, the movements of the feet and the hands are done according to the rhythm and the beat.

Another attraction of this dance is the eye - movement of the dancers. The eyes are decorated with the Kaajal so that the movements and gestures can be properly observed as the dancers communicate with the audience through their eyes. The dancing costumes vary from dancer to dancer.  The male dancers generally wear ‘Kurta – Pyjama’ , Pyjama  is a type of a trouser and the Pyjama is a long robe decorated with beautiful embroidery. The female dancers wear a ‘Saree’ or a ‘ Churidar Pyjama’.  Different type of Jewels and ornaments become part of the dressing style of the dancer. In the Hindu scriptures, dancing has been described an important of the Bhakti movement or one of the ways to please the God and Kathak is one such dance form through which the devotees show their devotion and love for the God. Kathak is perceived in many ways, for some it is a dance performance and for some it is a way to connect with the God.

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