Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Great Warrior MAHARANA PRATAP rajasthan

Visit this Link :- The Great Warrior MAHARANA PRATAP - The story centrs around the Warrior Maharana Pratap and his conflicts with Akbar.
 The Great Warrior MAHARANA PRATAP

Maharana Pratap was a devout Hindu and a determined ruler. He established the law of discipline and respect for all citizens of his state. When he was the ruler of Mewar, the 3rd Mughal Emperor Akbar was well established with majority of India under his control. Few kingdoms remained out of his authority and one such states was Chittorgarh. Akbar wanted Maharana to accept his hegemony which the great ruler of Chittorgarh declined defiantly. He rather dared to challenge the mighty Mughal army which resulted in a fiercy battle of the Valley of Turmeric called the ‘ Haldighati’ which took place in the year 1576. Akbar’s side was led by the crown prince Salim later to be known as Jahangir. Maharana had on his side a very patriotic, commited and courageous army of Rajputs. He was supported by the chiefs of the ‘Bheel’ tribe who gathered to defeat the Mughals with their bows and arrows, axes and spears at the Turmeric Valley. Indian history is filled with the stories of this historic battle where the Mughal army could not win Mewar from Maharana Pratap Singh. In fact if destiny would not have been on the side of Mughal Army, Maharana Pratap Singh’s would have pierced the chest of Crown Prince Salim with his invincible spear. This historic spear of great patriotic relevance is at display even today at the Udaipur City Palace Museum. 

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